Clinical Universe


Medical professionals and environments include:


5,500 in Australia; 1,900 wanting to do POCT according to the Pharmacy Guild’s estimates.


Traditionally centralised, but can exploit the potential of the distribution model to potentially create a larger market share.

Labs can manage the choice and delivery of devices into clinics etc. and usage, quality control etc.

Blood Banks

Very large users of high-volume devices.

Blood banks maintain very close international links, so success in one region can lead to global opportunities.


Have some unusual requirements, leading to excellent opportunities to innovate and showcase.

Maintains close international links with coalition partners, therefore success in one region can lead to global opportunities.

Remote resources – oil, mining

Very isolated, so big need for stand-alone capabilities, decision support etc.


An existing Antarctic client gives proves the remote credentials.
Huge cost-benefit from avoidance of patient evacuation, or even sample sending.

International aid/disaster relief

Similar in some ways to Defence requirements, but more focus on infectious disease. Australia has two heavy transport ships equipped with small hospitals.


More than half the market for POCT in Australia.

Much greater expectations of owners to pay for animal testing than human.


Border security checking at airports and ports; or on board ships. POCT devices are used to detect illicit drugs. The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has provided a stark illustration of the need for border control of infectious diseases.

Device Manufactures

The Blood Bank cooperation will provide a model for future joint tendering.

Non-medical professionals and environments include:

Remote/ Emergency

Testing in remote communities or set up in temporary areas during infectious disease outbreaks such as COVID 19 pandemic.

Law Enforcement

Drug screening at airports, Dope testing at sports arenas.

Cruise Ships

Screening tests at the point of embarkation; and diagnostic tests of those who fall ill on board – especially crew members.


In cell testing.

Food Safety

Point of sale testing for infecting organisms