Clinical Universe

About Us

Clinical Universe is a dynamic and visionary software company focused on creative and imaginative solutions for clinical management.

We tackle the hard issues, like privacy, sharing and coordination of essential patient data between carers, integration with other specialist systems and databases, and support of highly complex clinical coding.

We use the best features of new technology to gain the maximum benefit for carers, patients, and ultimately for health funders.

Our technical staff provide development and long-term support to advanced standards of reliability and usability.

Our Advisory Board provides the highest level of medical, community health and business acumen, and ensures a sharp focus on addressing global end-user needs.

Clinical Universe’s current focus is the commercialisation of its leading developments, and taking these much-needed products into worldwide markets.

Experience & Expertise

Stephen Dippy

Stephen Dippy

Dr Wilton Braund

Dr Wilton Braund

Clinical Director