Clinical Universe

Clinical Universe has successfully created

The world’s first rapid COVID-19 testing network.

– Australian Federal Government, April 2020

According to the Australian Association of Clinical Biochemists traditionally the Number 1 Problem with Point of Care Testing is connectivity.

ONDAS and POC2Doc radically alter the treatment paradigm.

Rapid infection detection

Within 60 mins by gene matching of bacteria and viruses. Powerful software enables infection reporting and epidemic mapping.

Clinical Universe (CU) is an Australian software company that has recognised a new market for health technology, needed to support the rapidly-growing field of Point Of Care Testing (POCT).

POCT technology returns medical results in a matter of minutes, removing the delays associated with traditional laboratory testing.

CU’s state of the art software resolves historical connectivity issues that have hindered the uptake of POCT in community practice of human medicine, pharmacy and veterinary medicine. In doing so CU has successfully created the world’s first POCT for mainstream use, revolutionising medical testing as we know it.

The software is developed by specialists in the fields of medicine, biochemistry, IT and business disciplines, with the technology 100% designed, owned and supported in-house.

Importantly, CU and the product has no dependencies on third-party providers for software or hardware. 

CU has two fully developed software products, both in use by a variety of ways:

  • Research facilities
  • Remote medical providers
  • Veterinarians


CU has developed two software products that solve the traditional POCT connectivity issues:

  • ONDAS, a software utility that operates on a PC or notebook connected to the POCT device. Read more >
  • POC2Doc, a web-based data centre that allows supervision by a laboratory scientist and data analysis. Read more >

Our solution

Our solution

Distributed testing. Centralised analysis. Clinical Universe’s hands-on experience with emerging technologies and international standards gives a unique edge to our imaginative designs.

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Care Anywhere

From the Antarctic to the outback.

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Clinical Universe develops software to facilitate critical early intervention.

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Clinical Decision Support

Geography is irrelevant with Clinical Universe software and a toughbook.

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Covid Testing

COVID-19 Testing

Testing to results in 40 minutes.

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Point Of Care Testing (POCT)

Clinical Universe provides specialised software with multilingual capabilities and expertise to support connection of POCT devices to computerised patient information systems.