Screening and purchasing treatment in the one pharmacy visit.

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With Clinical Universe’s software on point of care testing (POCT) devices, you can offer customers diagnostics and treatment in one quick visit.

Imagine the convenience of popping into the pharmacy for a flu test and leaving with proof of a negative result without a visit to the doctor.

Clinical Universe gives you the opportunity to offer treatment solutions, based on confirmed test results. Once installed, our software calibrates and monitors all your medical testing devices, sending electronic test results to your customer’s doctor immediately.

A single interface for all your point of care testing devices makes it easier to train staff across multiple devices. It’s quick and easy to install, manageable for small or larger pharmacies.

Save time and reduce errors

Clinical Universe’s software supports all point of care testing (POCT) devices used in community health settings.


  • Maintain high accuracy
    Clinical Universe calibrates and monitors all your POCT devices daily, optimising the accuracy of your test results.
  • Reduce errors
    Before a test can be ordered, the system requires the electronic input and verification of each patient’s identity.
  • Reduce staff training
    With one software interface managing all POCT devices, staff train once then have a consistent experience.
  • Save money
    You’ll only need one software, making it cost effective to continue to use multiple POCT devices. In-house testing gives you the flexibility to determine your own fees for tests.

Seamless result delivery

Clinical Universe automatically sends test results to where they are needed.


  • Notify the doctor
    If a patient selects a physician or medical practice, their test results are immediately delivered. This is done just like a laboratory would, in the same format with the same level of security.  
  • Notify authorities
    Clinical Universe automatically sends mandated test results to the relevant authorities during epidemics or pandemics, reducing paperwork. 

Flu Testing

Clinical Universe supports all specimen types and sites using the following analyzers: BD Veritor Plus, Abbott i-STAT, Cepheid GeneXpert, HemoCue Hb801, HemoCue WBC DIFF, QBC STAR, Radiometer ABL-90 and more.


Get started in three easy steps.

Step 1

Strategic Assessment

1-2 week2

Let’s get to know your requirements so our software can deliver the best outcomes for your unique setting.

Call +61 (0)8 8278 0580


Step 2

Evaluation and Customisation

4 weeks

Once we have your specifications, we can conduct an analysis to ensure your requirements will be met. We’ll then make customisations for optimal performance within your setting.


Step 3


1 to 2 months

We’ll train your staff and get your software all set up – how long this takes will depend on the number of staff involved and the number of locations.