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Clinical Universe is an Australian software company providing connectivity and management solutions for medical and veterinary point of care testing devices, regardless of manufacturer, region and language.

Clinical Universe has no dependencies on third party providers for software or hardware apart from conventional industry tools and platforms.

Why point of care testing?

Point of care testing refers to small portable devices that can be used at home, at the patient’s bedside, in general practices or even in remote deployment away from any communications, to perform important medical tests. Results are available within minutes. They replace the convention of sending tests to large laboratories.

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The problem

Almost all devices have some kind of cable or wireless connection, but exporting data in a form meaningful to clinical information systems is rarely done. Historically:

  • The devices have poorly-designed electronic output. Devices that ought to communicate results to electronic health records cannot do so, despite having been designed with that intent.
  • They have little or no facility for entry of patient identifiers. Without this, there is no point in sending results to an Electronic Health Record.
  • Their electronic output, even if it can be effectively transmitted is usually nonstandard. They speak a Babel of languages that receiving Electronic Health Records cannot interpret.
  • It is difficult to efficiently manage their performance and accuracy when they are distributed across a wide area.
  • It is difficult and time-consuming to assemble the results from multiple point of care testing devices into a single repository of data that could act as a source of medically important information – for example, during an epidemic – or as a source of commercially valuable information.

The Solution

This is Clinical Universe’s area of expertise:

  • we eliminate transcription errors
  • we enable quality control of the test results’ accuracy
  • and we improve efficiency.

In short, we help Point Of Care Testing device users to perform professionally.

Clinical Universe is used by:

Want more information?

If you are interested in finding out more about Clinical Universe, contact us for a copy of our information memorandum or call +61 (0)8 8278 0580.

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Clinical Universe is available to support all point of care devices

Medical Professionals to increase patient retention

  • Small General Practice
  • Large General Practice
  • Specialist Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Veterinarian

Community and Government to make data based decisions

  • Armed Forces
  • Blood Banks
  • Border Drug & Infection Testing
  • Hospitals and Research Labs
  • Sports Drug Testing